Sutekh Hexen - "Breed in Me the Darkness: the Second Coming mixes by Andrew Liles"

2xLP gatefold + center label + sticker design // inner photography: A.E. Csaky // photography + packaging design utilizes spot varnish (as hinted in this mock-up). 

Visually, the artwork conceptually supports the formless and unforgiving energy of nature, rebirth, and exploring realms within an idealistic world.

Further inspiration: I had an interesting experience several months ago at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, where I silently walked a labyrinth at the base of several rocky slopes under the moon. Let's say that from the start, I was unsettled with the feeling being watched. As I proceeded towards the center of the labyrinth, I heard tiny pebbles descending from above the Eastern slopes; perhaps an acknowledgment of our own vibrations throwing off the sync of the environment. Upon reaching the center of the labyrinth, the wind became still, and a cascade of loud sounds echoed in the valley, only this time: not pebbles, but boulders and entire slabs of the canyon walls came crashing down as I stood there in the center of the labyrinth, perplexed. Fixated towards the source of activity, realization sparked within me that the West was meant to collapse.. 

Three formats available: 
Pesanta Urfolk (2xLP) 
Aurora Borealis (deluxe CD) 
Merzbild (CS)

"It is with great honor and privilege for Sutekh Hexen to announce a very special EP, featuring four new tracks. Two original tracks by the band and the source-material of said tracks, remixed by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Liles (UK). With an extensive catalog of solo-works and as a key-contributor to such sonic luminaries as Nurse With Wound and Current 93, we knew that we were in good hands.
We could not be happier with the final results: absolutely stunning compositions, navigating multi-faceted territories, based on the eternal themes of darkness and the light, to be experienced in three distinctive packaging-presentations: All LP/CD/CS editions feature the haunting photography of photographer A.E. Csaky (Vancouver, BC), and the design of Kevin Gan Yuen."

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