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"FERMENTÆ features the solo project of audiovisual-surrealist KEVIN GAN YUEN, who is also one-third of San Francisco's celebrated blackened noise trio SUTEKH HEXEN.  

"Glossolalia," in some respects, illuminates the underside of nature-inspired dark ambient with passages manipulating foreboding, discordant overtones.  Culturally, the glossolalic denotes an act synonymous with the phenomenon of purportedly speaking in tongues, which, in turn, constructs a new mode of articulating thoughts by uttering words rooted in an unknown language.

Disclosing sonic, yet speech-like syllables exercised in a ritualistic context, FERMENTÆ "Glossolalia" inculcates an idea of language that reintroduces the threat and allure of the magical.

MT02: FERMENTÆ "Glossolalia" CS
Side A: First Contact (Eve) / Side B: Warmest Rapture / Six Farewells
Release Date: March 22, 2012

Edition limited to 100 black shell high-bias, ink-imprinted chrome cassettes.  This cassette will be made available for PRE-ORDER in late March 2012.

Art by Kevin Gan Yuen of VIRALOPTIC // Mastered by Bryan W. Bray of GATES."

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