ITHI - "The Persistence in Meaning"

ITHI evoke sonically rich and shifting atmospheres, from vast and growing-worlds one moment and into tense/claustrophobic nightmares the next. What stands out with this release is the underlying rhythmic pulses within each and every track and within the genre of experimental/drone/noise -- this aural element is crucial and MUCH appreciated.

I was asked by Keith Utech, owner of the fantastic UTECH records to be in-charge of hand-rendering and arrange the typographic accompaniments for the inner-panels of this release. Combined with the amazing cover photograph taken by Shawn Convey of a shrine, while visiting India (BELOW:) you can view the original sketches that I made and arranged for said release. The logo was pieced together from foundational "letter-forms".

It is a blessing to have technology at my disposal to scan/chop/arrange hand-rendered art; an aspect in modern design that always had me highly respecting the early days of the graphic designer, back when everything was painstakingly cut out and arranged by hand. This is not even the surface-level of what those guys did back then!!

ALSO: What an honor to have our logo LETTER-PRESSED as an additional sleeve. (another once-popular incredible print-form making a come back). "The Persistence in Meaning" will be available @the UTECH RECORDS MUSIC FESTIVAL // June 11, 2011 // Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI // 7 PM OR shortly @the Utech Records site:

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