Triptykon in San Francisco

(above:) the digital representation of the poster for Triptykon's concert at Slim's, San Francisco, October 23, 2010. Print details: 18x24", metallic silver, metallic gold, black and white). Edition of 75 hand-screen printed on slate-gray French stock and artist numbered/signed pieces. All remaining prints will be for sale through myself, please keep checking for more info. 

Illustrated with pen/pencil and digitally refined by myself. I will post more progress pictures when I get the chance, but here was my summary to Tom: "It plays on the concept of Earthly chaos and the "perfection process" and end-result(s) birthed from chaos (hence the symbolic diamonds @the stumps of the severed arms I illustrated, gripping each other into formation; It can also be interpreted as an icon of awakening in modern-times of madness and struggle as primitive conquerors within."

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