RECAP: GATES - "The Moths Have Eaten the Core"

This is a project I had worked on sometime last year, that saw full realization recently and are NOW AVAILABLE to the masses in an edition of 100 copies. Please see below for more info: 

Outer Labyrinth
Inner Labyrinth
Dust of Absence

edition of 100 CDs
6" x 6" 3 panel folio style jacket w/ Obi
design by Kevin Yuen at Viraloptic 
photography by Bryan W Bray
printing and construction by Scott Sokoloski at Firebrand Inc

Gates began as a sonic experiment turned into a ritualistic cathartic process. As a way to further cleanse the mental palette in a continuing ritual that took place after practices and shows with ORCAand always initially beginning with simple multi-tracked ideas. The music spans the worlds of doom, psychedelic drone, ambient, experimental field recordings & intense audio processing all filtered through the bleak aesthetics and sonic darkness of black metal. Recording began in the fall of 2008 and finished January 2009 in the depths of winter. The music ventures into themes of claustrophobia, nothingness, the unconscious passageways of the mind and the transcendence of the self.

Package design was executed by the talented Kevin Yuen (Fermentæ,Circle of Eyes), using photos of caves and statues accentuating the immersive sonic environment. Printing of the packaging was of the utmost quality, 167lbs coated cover stock with wax polymer printing (sleeve & obi) and pro-duplicated/printed cds attached with foam hub all housed in a resealable poly-bag.

(above art is slightly different than the final version)

Listen to 'Inner Labyrinth' here http://gatesritual.bandcamp.com

Contact for copies, (mailorder etc) 
gravitationaldoom at g mail dot com 
$10 each. Please get in touch for exact shipping costs. 
Mailorder copies (or purchase at a show) will include a sticker and 1" pin 
Also available at Soundscapes & Sonic Boom in Toronto. 

Available as a digital download via Bandcamp at the the link above. 

Huge, infinite thanks to Kevin Yuen & Scott Sokoloski for enabling this project to come to light(dark).

Through the howling infinite....."

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