(above) ...I found this sketch-book scan while scouring my HD's for the last 3 or so years of material to populate the new VIRALOPTIC.COM  (oh yeah, VIRALOPTIC.COM is getting a face-lift and I will finally have a legitimate online portfolio)

(above) ...is one of the pictures we never used for the "In Exile" LP artwork. Oliver of the band SIBERIA had sent me a handful of random pictures that he took while living in Russia; I always thought this one of his living quarters was great... in retrospect, we should have made it work!!

(above) ...about the same time that we were wrapping up the artwork for SIBERIA's new album, I had tried to kick a door in and that resulted in me tearing-off the toenail on my right foot (yeah - pretty fucked up). It took about 3-months to fully recover from this absolutely brutal act of manliness. 

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