MAAP - Multiple Artist Ambient Project

from Daniel Davis's site:

Source: carlsagansghost.com

"This Project will be produced and released under a Creative Commons license.

Brian Eno’s idea for ambient music was birthed from a Zaireeka-like (Flaming Lips…) experience: while sick in the hospital, he could hear music being played softly from down the hall. When mixed in with the noises of the surroundings, the music took on an ambient quality - it couldn’t be fully listened to, and yet it couldn’t be ignored.

I say we complete the circle and record a multiple-artist album in multiple-parts that are meant to be played simultaneously in a mix-and-match fashion up to the listener’s preference. Each participating artist will record their own part for each composition. These parts will then be assembled by the listener for a unique, interactive listening experience.

The parts can be downloaded and then assembled via an audio editor like Audacity.

The parts can be downloaded and then played simultaneously on different audio devices.

The parts can be played via an interactive website to be designed at a later date (WILL need some help with this one).

Stay tuned for more information."

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