2 birds, 1 stone //ALBUM ARTWORK + LOGO of the week

(above:) logo for a start-up company TWENTY 5IVE, who specialize in film/music/media production.

(above:) (x2)CD mini-gatefold+pouch for GMH Records in Pakistan. Artwork + design by me, photography (used as elements in the layout) by label owner, Shaheryar Shoukat. They specialize in underground punk/thrash/metal. Here is the release description from the inner panel:

"Underground Chaos is a compilation featuring various acts from Pakistan and of Pakistani origin. Bands featured on the compilation come from all eras; most have been playing and putting out music for over a decade. We have here the originals of the underground and the younger blood, bands that have worked hard and come a long way from when they started.

This compilation is a showcase of Pakistans originals, the few who have stood the test of time."

it has been a busy week, more artwork/updates soonish...

...Regarding music/related, I received the mastered version of FERMENTÆ - 'Diaspora II', courtesy of Mr. Pau Torres from Etude Records back and it is ready for production. The artwork/assembly/packaging is next in-line (lagging) and those will be available withing a few weeks through me, BASSES FREQUENCES (France) and Small Doses (here in the states). And then, it will be time to work on the 'Seer' album. ALL in due time...

Thanks for checking in,



André said...

The Underground Chaos artwork is very good! I'm really fond of your work for audio editions!

Kevin Gan Yuen said...

André, thanks man - I checked out your illustrations on your site, fantastic work as well - my favorite is the 'Astral'piece... very cool!