250509 - Diaspora (pt.2) - mixed

An excerpt from the follow-up to 'Diaspora' is up on myspace:

This release will be available on a made as-ordered basis with bonus incentives for the folks who want a physical copy. Meaning that I will only be producing copies as they are purchased to not further flood the market with another foot-print of ambient/drone/noise.

Curious supporters: note that this track is available as a FREE digital download - please contact: kevin@viraloptic.com for details.

ALSO, those whom already own the previous release/packaging – this new additions packaging was specifically designed to fit snug within the left pouch! Copies can be purchased separately or as the complete (x2) 3"CDr saga in the mini-gatefold (see earlier posts).
$10 for the complete set or $5 for each disc (pt 1 -OR- 2) shipping included.

Thanks for listening!



Murderous T Stabwell said...

wow, love this design.

Kevin Gan Yuen said...

thanks! I am glad you like it - it will be part of the artwork for this release.