screen-printing posters pt.1

"And thus lay before him the culminative creation wrought from his blood (literally), sweat and coffee... "


Douggernaught said...

How do I buy one?

Kevin Gan. Yuen said...

the fastest way at the moment is when the bands hit your town, because their tour starts on the 9th


through us VERY shorty - because we're printing the remaining 43 of the 200 this week. I will post the purchase info. as soon as they're available through us!

ihor dawidiuk said...

Hey Kevin

I got to ask, do you own your own screen-press? I've been looking in to getting one of those things but they've always seemed to be a bit on the pricey side.

Awesome artwork by the way, I would love to get into doing this stuff myself!!


Kevin Gan. Yuen said...

No. I have a very primitive set-up consisting of an old table with two hinge-clamps bolted at the top.

Good luck!