New batch of design work from the past few months:

It has been busier than usual in this dept. and I have lagged in providing any updates on here.  Detailed previews/notes at viraloptic.com.  

I had the pleasure of art directing some great projects recently for excellent labels: Neurot Recordings, Osmose Productions and was asked to oversee the creative direction for San Francisco based label The Flenser... it has been pretty busy!!! 

Various other updates on related activities will happen shortly, news of the forthcoming Sutekh Hexen release (3xLP/C30), a new solo 10" and collaborations.  The visual extension of my work will be slowing down a bit as I focus on family, writing/recording and self.

Thanks to everybody involved for supporting and trusting the vision up to this point and am continually thankful to be offered these amazing opportunities.


Alaric - Adore




SUTEKH HEXEN - LIVE IN OAKLAND (for those not present)


Maternal archives:



I recently had the pleasure of performing a live score for a haunting and gorgeous new film titled Premonition by Patricia Cram. The set was captured and uploaded to Youtube. I also ripped the audio source which you can listen to on my Soundcloud HERE.

Premonition (2016) by Patricia Cram
Live score by Kevin Gan Yuen // Travis Bean Standard + Reverb, Delay(s), Dist, Loop/Sampler, Roland 404SX (PA mix) + Sunn 2000S + Atlas custom 4x12 + Atlas custom 2x15 (series).

Captured by Lara Miranda on a SONY DSC-H20
Placement: mid-room

Thanks to: Patricia Cram, A.K., Lara Miranda, James Livingston/BLACK HORIZONS, Aria Rostami, Daniel Blomquist, Ryan Page, Jen + Sean/ORRA, Lee + Brittany at Amnesia SF for facilitating and Atlas custom cabs (the series box is amazing!!!)


Thanks for listening/viewing.

Mushroom burial suit...

"Alternative Embalming Fluid, a liquid spore slurry...". Love fungus. More info on this strange and practical sustainability solution by creator Jae Rhim Lee here: https://www.ted.com/talks/jae_rhim_lee?language=en


Infrasound notes

Alternative history of Bay Area tectonics: Select comm.// notes archived by 23Five documenting INFRASOUND (Scott Arford & Randy Yau) events throughout the years. 

You can view more history of related events via Randy Yau's flickr gallery here:


Upcoming solo performance:



Hexagram 54 Returning Maiden

Thus the superior man 

Understands the transitory 

In the light of the eternity of the end 


Æternal Radiance MMXV :: SUTEKH HEXEN + LLUVIA

Tour dates:

10/15/15: Panic Room, Portland, OR
(w/Lluvia, Goat Torment, Old Coven and Mania)

10/16/15: Black Lodge, Seattle, WA
(w/Lluvia, Great Falls and Predatory Light)

10/17/15: The Wandering Goat, Eugene, OR
(w/Lluvia, Hiding and Addaura)


Neville Brody + Cabaret Voltaire


Electronic Music: Sounds of the 20th Century

I finally took the time to scan these torn-out pages from an old Time Life book (1981) that I found water damaged here at the house while purging. It is a really great read that characterizes and even demystifies the qualities that distinguishes electronic music from other forms.

Technically isn't the majority of music these days "electronic music" by definition given the reliance of technology in 99% of the process? Maybe...

The 7-pages cover a lot of territory and offer in depth information from the introduction of the phonograph and magnetic tape in music, early field-recordings and musique concrète to the structure and pioneers of modern synthesizers and advice in making your own tape-loops. 


Sutekh Hexen - 'Opalesence'

Exclusive track 'Opalescence' released on 'APEX CODEX: THE APEX FEST VI COMPILATION DIGIPAK CD-R' for Apex Festival VI in NYC. Endless suffering and sorrow in this vastness of consciousness... Purchase the limited edition CDr here: http://apexarmouries.bigcartel.com/product/apex-codex-the-apex-fest-vi-compilation-digipak-cd-r


Fungi The Rotten World About Us (1980)


High aura'd & Mike Shiflet - Awake LP

I was asked to hand-render the lettering in the Edward Gorey style and layout the packaging for a new LP titled 'Awake', a collaborative release featuring American guitarist pals John Kolodij (High aura'd) and Mike Shiflet. 'Awake' has been receiving some very positive press-reviews domestically and internationally, so I am glad for that!

Type Records is really well curated. That being said, it was a total pleasure to finally work together with John Twells and a solid cast of talent for this project. Check Type Records out here: typerecords.com/

Below is the packaging and layout with the beautiful photography of Allison Scarpulla:

You can preview tracks in full here: 
and make a physical purchase here: